Paint Easy

The paint easy will attach to the rim of any paint tin and some plastic containers and will provide somewhere to store the users paint brush or brushes when a break in painting is required, i.e. to answer the phone or the door or just take a break. The paint easy is especially helpful when painting with gloss paint, undercoat and varnish. The paint easy is also provided with a serrated bar along which the user can clean the paint brush of any excess paint, and can remove more paint form the brush at the end of painting.

At present many painters scrape off excess paint by brushing the paint brush against the rim of the paint tin, this causes drips to roll down the outside of the tin or container, making the tin difficult to handle, and also allows paint to clog around the rim of the tin, preventing a clean seal when the lid is re applied, which in turn allows air into the tin or container, causing the paint to dry out.

The Paint Easy provides the user with a place to scrape off the excess paint, keeping the tin clean and allowing excess paint to return to the container. The Paint Easy’s serrated bar also provides a place to clean the brush after use, by detaching the Paint Easy from the container the user can take the Paint Easy to the sink with the brush, and providing water based paint is being used, the user can use the serrated bar to clean the brush and the Paint Easy under the tap. If the painter is using oil based paint, ie gloss, undercoat or varnish, as before, remove the Paint Easy from the tin with the paint brush still in the Paint Easy then put the Paint Easy on your cleaning pot with the paint cleaning fluid in, hold the Paint Easy and clean your paint brush against the teeth of the Paint Easy. This does two things, it cleans your brushes and your Paint Easy at the same time.