I came up with the Invention ‘Paint Easy’ whilst painting the skirting boards at home. To try to get a better finish I lay down alongside the woodwork, but because of my position, I couldn’t see how far my brush was going in, so it was often coming out with too much paint on it, so I had to sit up and try to scrape the excess paint off using the rim of the paint tin, this resulted in not only paint running down the side of the can, but the lid getting stuck on, and a poor seal causing the paint to dry out.
Another problem I had when painting was that being the father of 4 children, it seemed as soon as got started the phone would ring, usually for one of them, so I’d have to rest the brush on top of the paint tin, resulting in more drips!
So….. one night I decided to try to solve the problem, and after burning a lot of the midnight oil, I came up with the Paint Easy design. Like my other products, I now manufacture and produce this, and it’s an invention that I still love using every time I paint, it keeps my brushes clean, as well as giving me somewhere to store the brush. Kids have all got mobiles now, so I don’t have to answer the phone so often, now I just have to keep answering the door to let their mates in!