Paint Easy Brush Holder Awards

Having won several Innovation awards, including the ‘South of England Invention of the year Comp – Sponsored by The Evening Echo Bournemouth’ The Paint Easy is a professional and DIY product for decorators using a paint brush. The paint easy will attach to the rim of any paint tin and will provide for somewhere to store the users paint brush or brushes when a break in painting is required, i.e. to answer the phone or the door or just take a break. The paint easy provides the user with a place to scrape off the excess paint, keeping the tin and rim clean and allowing excess paint to return into the container, not down the sides of the can, and by keeping the rim clean, it will ensure a better fit for the lid when you’ve finished painting. The Paint Easy holds ½ inch – 3 inch paint brushes, and is a great product for the DIY person painting or varnishing around the house. When you use the Paint Easy you will paint with more confidence, knowing you can put the brush into the Paint Easy whenever you need to take a break. The Paint Easy keeps your tins clean, hands clean, and your paint brush handle clean. Too much paint on your brush encourages the paint to run; the Paint Easy helps you to reduce the excess paint on your brush, which in the end will help to do a better job, whatever you’re painting. At the end of painting your Paint Easy cleans your brushes, holds your brushes and stores your brushes.

The Paint Easy has over seventeen benefits that will help you do an even better job. It fits all size tins, holds ½ inch brushes to 3 inch brushes and two brushes at the same time. The Paint Easy is a must have for decorators, and you will wonder how you’ve ever managed without it. If you’re thinking of painting or varnishing, the Paint Easy is the tool for you, it’s a must have to help you enjoy painting, reducing stress by reducing mess! The Paint Easy’s serrated bar allows the user to clean the paint brush of any excess paint, and can remove more paint form the brush at the end of painting.

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